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Donna Witek

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Donna Witek
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Criminal Justice
by Donna Witek - Last Updated Feb 3, 2015
Tags: criminal justice
Digital Humanities
by George Aulisio, Sheli McHugh, Donna Witek, Kristen Yarmey - Last Updated Apr 28, 2015
Readings and resources for University of Scranton faculty, students, and community members interested in digital humanities. This guide is still in development, so please pardon our dust - and let us know if you have any suggestions!
Tags: digital humanities
English & Theatre
by Donna Witek - Last Updated Mar 23, 2015
Tags: english, theatre
INTD 184X: FS: Science and Religion
by Donna Witek - Last Updated Feb 3, 2015
Library Web Site Restructuring Group
by George Aulisio, Sharon Finnerty, Jennifer Galas, Mary Kovalcin, Jean Lenville, Betsey Moylan, Narda Tafuri, Elizabeth Teets, Donna Witek, Vince Yanusauskas, Kristen Yarmey - Last Updated Feb 4, 2015
The notes and information for the group is accessed here. This is a password protected site.
Tags: library home page, web site restructure
by Donna Witek - Last Updated Feb 3, 2015
Tags: sociology
The Changing Face of Facebook
by Donna Witek - Last Updated Jul 15, 2013
Theology/Religious Studies
by Donna Witek - Last Updated Apr 7, 2015
Tags: religion, theology
Women's Studies
by Donna Witek - Last Updated Feb 3, 2015
Tags: womens studies

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More about Donna...

Donna Witek (formerly Mazziotti)


Assistant Professor

Public Services Librarian /

Virtual Reference Coordinator

BFA (Drama/English), MLIS, MA (Theology)



Subject Liaison for:

  • Criminal Justice
  • English & Theatre
  • Sociology
  • Theology/Religious Studies
  • Women's Studies


Specialties include:

  • Facebook